Wireless strain gauge system

Strain gauge system TMS-ZB-15 with a wireless channel is intended for the study of deformations of elements in different designs. It can be used to control building structures and lifting machines. It can be used for measuring the load or weight.

The sensors of wireless system may be installed even on moving or rotating part of the object under study. This would be impossible for common wire systems.

The system consists of multiple battery-powered loggers and one coordinator with USB interface for PC connection. Logger amplifies the signal from strain gage, converts it into a digital code and sends it over the wireless channel to the coordinator. The computer collects and processes the received data, converts it to a convenient form.

The loggers and the coordinator form a wireless ZigBee network. Each logger is able to route data from other loggers to the coordinator. Therefore, the coordinator does not need to have every logger in line of sight. This feature greatly simplifies the formation of the network and increases the reliability.

Under ideal conditions, the system is capable of supporting 130 loggers in a net. Outdoor wireless line-of-site range is up to 1500m.

It is possible to connect the strain gauges in different configurations: a quarter bridge, half bridge, full bridge, two, three, four-wire circuit. For this purpose, the unit has built-in changeable resistor module.

Additional features:

§  ADC autocalibration.

§  Zero can be set at ane point using software.

§  Energy saving by distant switching off the supply of the bridge and ADC.

§  Overload protection.

§  Battery control.


Applicable transducers: strain gauge transducer.
Bridge excitation: 5V DC.
ADC: 24-bit, 2.5Hz, the sampling frequency may be factory set in the range 10Hz-0.01Hz

Gain: switchable from 128 to 1. (series 128, 64, 32, 16, 8, 4, 2, 1)

Nonlinearity: 0.002 % FS
Applicable bridge resistance: 100 to 1000 Ω
Bridge configurations:   quarter-, half-, full bridge
Input signal range: ±19.5 mV (gain = 128).
Sensitivity: ±4 mV/V.
Wireless network: ZigBee, 2.4GHz
RF range: 1500m (outdoor line-of-sight)
Operating temperature: -40 ÷ +85 С°
Power supply: 2 lithium batteries АА, each 3÷3.6 V 
Continuous operation: up 50 hours
Case: cast aluminum (IP65), dimensions 115х65х30 (excluding protrusions). Built-in magnet for mounting on steel.