Built-in amplifier

Low noise integral amplifier incorporates band pass filters with slope 24dB/Oct.


Gain 34dB (for 50 Ohm load)
Bandwidth (-3дБ) 10-500 kHz
Input impedance 10 MOhm ║20 pF
Output impedance 50 Ohm
Output range 10 Vpp into 50 Ohm
Noise 2*<3.5 uV (shorted input, gain 34dB)
2*<3,5 мкВ (at 220 pF input) at 95-300kHz
Built-in filters 4-th order Bessel LPF and HPF
Slope 24 dB/octave
Power supply 21-30VDC, < 40 ma (no signal)
< 75 ma (max. Signal, 50 Ohm load)
Operating temperature range - 40°С to +70°С
Calibration bypass 200 V
Input protection Max 1A, 20us
300 V, 100us

* - typical value