RPA-07 is intended for use with acoustic-emission system Ranis-11, the supply voltage 28 V. The gain is selected using jumper on the board. It has an extended frequency range and may be used with high frequency sensors.

Amplifier is mounted inside a sealed aluminum housing that provides protection against dust and moisture according to IP65.

At the bottom of the housing the strong magnet is mounted over electrical insulator. The isolator is necessary to isolate the circuit ground from the body of the object under test. Magnet provides a clamping force up to 14kg on steel magnetic surfaces.

Gain 34dB/46 dB (for 50 Ohm load)
Bandwidth (-3дБ) 8-2500 kHz
Input impedance 40 MOhm 30 pF
Output impedance 50 Ohm
Output range 10 Vpp into 50 Ohm
Noise 0.6*<0.8 uV (shorted input, gain 46dB) at 95-300kHz
  0.7*<0.9 uV ( shorted input, gain 34dB) at 95-300kHz
  0,75*<0,9 мкВ (at 50 Ohm input, gain 46dB) at 95-300kHz
  0,65*<0,9 мкВ (at 330 pF input, gain 46dB) at 95-300kHz
Built-in filters 4-th order Bessel LPF and HPF
Slope 24 dB/octave
Power supply 25VDC, 16* < 20 ma (no signal)
50* < 60 ma (max. Signal, 50 Ohm load)
Dimensions 63×57×34(BNC not included)
Mass 170 g (including BNC)
Operating temperature range - 40°С to +70°С
Calibration bypass 200 V
Input protection Max 1A, 20us

*- typical value.