RANIS AE sensors

“NDT systems” develops and manufactures AE piezoelectric transducers. A study of the frequency response of the sensors is carried out using the approaches and practicesfrom ASTME976 and E1106.

Each manufactured sensor is supplied with the measured frequency response data. Typically, the measurement is done by direct excitation of the sensor coupled face-to-face to a reference wideband acoustic emitter. This method is simple and gives good reproducible results. However, one must understand that this method is not accurate and gives just an estimate.

The sensor converts the energy of elastic acoustic waves into an electrical signal. The sensor housing is made of stainless steel. Piezo inside the housing is protected by the ceramic, which acts as an electrical insulator and protects the piezoelectric from mechanical damage. The sensors are sealed and designed to work under adverse weather conditions at a temperature from -40 ° C to +100 ° C. Sensors with integrated amplifier designed for temperatures ranging from -40 ° C to +70 ° C

Typical applications of sensor RS-30 - oil tank bottoms diagnosis. RS-90 is popular in the diagnosis of pipes, and RS-150 is widely used to diagnose high-pressure tanks. RS-400 is a wideband sensor for different applications.

Sensors with integral amplifier are rather popular due to its small size. Low-noise integral preamplifier incorporateslowpass and highpass frequencyfilters, 4-th orderwith slope of24dB/octave. Built-in amplifier has a calibration bypass.

To fix the sensors on the magnetic surfaces the magnet holder RMH-01 was designed . The material of cylindrical insulator was specifically chosen for a better attenuation of ultrasound. Flexible flat spring improves the mounting to the curved surfaces. The total magnetic force on a flat surface is 28kg.

model Peak freq. size weight connector capacity Built-in magnet Built-in amplifier
RS-150L 100-200 kHz Ø19.5×20 20g lemo 500 pF --- ---
RS-30L 30-250 kHz Ø23×33 47g lemo 180 pF --- ---
RS-30LM 30-250 kHz Ø26×33 80g lemo 180 pF × ---
RS-90L 50-120 kHz Ø22×37 43g lemo 150 pF --- ---
RS-90LM 50-120 kHz Ø25×33 33g lemo 150 pF × ---
RS-150S 100-200 kHz Ø19.5×20 20g sma 500 pF --- ---
RS-150SM 100-200 kHz Ø26×24 35g sma 500 pF × ---
RS-150BIM 100-200 kHz Ø30×34 88g BNC --- × ×
RS-150LM 100-200 kHz Ø26×20 26g lemo 500 pF × ---
RS-30BIM 30-250 kHz Ø30×40 96g BNC --- × ×
RS-75L 30-100 kHz Ø22×37 70g lemo 150 pF --- ---
RS-400L 100-500 kHz Ø17.5×20 20g lemo 150 pF --- ---