Software for acoustic emission systems "RANIS"
The software package is an integral part of the acoustic emission systems of RANIS ® .
The software for acoustic emission systems "RANIS" is designed to support all the features of the equipment and takes into account many years of experience in the operation of acoustic emission systems RANIS.
The software package allows both to register and process data during testing of the object, and to carry out post-processing of the registered data. 

The software package consists of:
Object editor software:                                                                                       Data logging software:

Post-processing software:                                                                                                Database edotir software:


API for software development

Application programming interface (API) was created for controlling acoustic-emission system "RANIS" hardware in LabVIEW and C++ environments. So, it is possible develop its own software for special tasks in the field of acoustic emission.

If you have tasks in the field of material sciences or you need to implement your own way in treatment of acoustic emission data, RANIS API can be used as an instrument for solving your tasks.

Beyond that, the API is the instrument for integration of RANIS AE hardware with other scientific equipment.

RANIS API is a set of functions with DLL-interface. The DLL is a standard Win32 DLL. Function variables belong to standard C++ types. The API was tested in Microsoft Visual Studio (C++) and LabVIEW (National Instruments) environments. It is possible to use the DLL in other environments due to standard C++ variable types.

API distribution kit contains full programming solution for Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 (C++ language). The solution demonstrates basic working practices with RANIS API. API distribution kit contains also several virtual instruments (VI) for LabVIEW 2013 environment.