AE RANIS equipment is designed to be used within a wide range of usable applications of non-destructive testing: high pressure vessels, tank floors, pipe systems etc. It also may be used in applied material research, monitoring of bridges and other potentially unsafe building structures.

Equipment is mounted inside 19” 1U enclosures. One enclosure shall accept up to 16 channels. The system is extended by connecting the enclosures with special cable. Enclosures can be installed in 19-inch racks.

Multichannel "Ranis-18" is based on a 4-channel boards RUSB18-4 with USB interface. Each board is a standalone acoustic-emission system having a port for connection to a computer, built-in generator for testing system and sensor calibration, additional parametric channel. It is therefore possible to build a system with virtually unlimited number of channels.

  • USB 2.0 “High Speed” ensures high speed data transfer up to 120MB/s to the computer.
  • The portable version with dimensions 330х270х100 is also available.
  • The equipment is delivered in plastic shockproof cases.
  • The system is compatible with amplifiers and sensors, produced by Vallen and PAC companies.

Explosion protection.

The RANIS-18 system can be used in hazardous areas. Type of explosion protection - intrinsically safe electrical circuit. Additional protection is provided by sealing with a special compound. The explosion-proof AE system consists of a low-voltage modification of the RANIS-18E measuring unit, a protection barrier, an explosion-proof RPA-11 amplifier and an explosion-proof piezoelectric AE sensor. The scheme of such a system for one channel is presented below.